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There is a proverb "A loaf of bread is better than the song of the birds" and a Korean proverb "Not even a dog is bothered when eating its meal". Those unqualified JAL flight attendants were alienating me by using "food and drinks" as their measures.

They probably have schemingly and habitually done those to the Korean passengers all this time when going back and forth of Korea, and they have finally been caught by me. In my opinion, perseverance being the key characteristics of Koreans, though Koreans may have experienced much degradation, they must have let the problem pass without bringing it up. How much should those JAL flight attendants must have enjoyed and felt pleasure in performing those actions? It showed clearly in their scornfully smiling faces when handing the tray filled with their left over food by one hand from a far when the airplane was descending. Anyway, it is good that they were caught by me. Since they interminably did these conducts, I had finally experienced it and had the opportunity to correct it. Just wait and see and I will definitely teach those unqualified flight attendants not to be disrespectful to me again.
It is their obligation to write a letter of apology since they have alienated a passenger and behaved in an arrogant manner.

Is it not "Customer Service" literally the department for the customers? Why are you ignoring to write the letter of apology a customer is demanding? Ignoring my demands by the JAL Air Lines is a clear statement acknow ledging the JAL flight attendant's arrogant behavior to the Korean passengers. How can you dare do something like that to the Korean passengers?

Even if you employ an elementary graduate, make sure they are trained at least the basic elements before they start working. How can she look straight into an elderly and say disrespectfully and imperiously, "Ei go de! Ei go de!" How in the world did you find such an impolite woman? If she wanted to hear me speak in English, she should have asked in English. Why did she speak in Japanese? Is it not pathetic? Impudently saying "In English!", when she herself cannot speak a word of it... "Could you speak in English please?"

Please teach the above phrase to the JAL flight attendants. Since those women cannot even distinguish between crude and respectful expressions from their own mother tongue, it will be certainly difficult for them to learn English and Korean. How can work be possible when the so called airline which trave ls internationally do not even know basic English? Even middle and highschool students in Korea can speak 3 to 4 languages fluently. How can flight attendants do their job knowing only their mother tongue (Japanese)? Come to think of it, JAL flight attendants do not seem to be doing anything for the passengers at all. Coffee and meals are not served on time, they hide from the passengers' calls and behave in a haughty manner. To make a long story short, instead of helping out the passengers all they are doing is causing inconvenience. Cutting down on the number of flight attendants to one and offering self-service to the passengers would be much better. Why waste on labor costs? Save labor costs and invest in improving the airline meals to a higher standard. What kind of a meal is that? Though profit-making is the main purpose, should human food be no better than dog food? Also, while the flight attendants are being trained, please do not forget to teach them hygienes as well. For how long have they not washed their hair that the stench reeks everytime they pass by the aisle? Check their finger nails periodically too. It is unbelievable how a flight attendant can seve the passengers with dirty finger nails.
The customer service should be improved in every aspect. If those problems are resolved then tens of thousands of complaint letters from the customers will decrease and low quality JAL will develop into a higher one.
When the big-faced JAL flight attendant first saw me in the airplane, she might have judged me as a person of gentleness and tranquility.

Since I have not lost my temper and perseverance, and was composed until I left the airplane, that big-faced woman must have thought to herself, "Today I have well chosen my target and it was a success. I certainly am a veteran!" and smiled in satisfaction.

However, no way!! She definitely misjudged me. I will positively show her I am no ordinary person.
Please give this message to that big-faced JAL flight attendant; ¡¸Do not act the way you look.¡¹ Plus, make her write a letter of apology.


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