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The Japan Air Lines (JAL) flight attendant, who had a big face, walked down the aisle with the cart without giving me my meal. After 32 minutes, when the airplane was landing, she then handed me my meal from a far. The total flight hour from Osaka to Seoul is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The actual flight hour in the air is only 30 to 40 minutes. Within this time, the passengers have to take care of their hunger and thirst. However, the whole time I was in the airplane, I got secluded not receiving my meal not getting to eat.

The big-faced JAL flight attendant put all her time and effort, avoiding eye-contact with me as much as possible, just to alienate me. As a result, her work was much delayed, causing inconvenience to the six Korean passengers sitting at the back of the airplane.

The passengers who finished their meal earlier, could not move one bit and were left to sit still like a stone for a long period of time.

The flight attendant did not even serve coffee to the other passengers because they were too preoccupied to not give me my meal for as long as possible.

When I opened my meal, the announcements were on but I decided that I should eat my food. I did not eat because I was hungry.

Inside the plate, there were three rice clumps placed without any order. When I held the rice with my chopsticks, it had hardened so much that it kept slipping out. The airplane started to descend.

After my meal was given, all the JAL flight attendants then started to collect the empty trays from both sides of the aisle. They grabbed the trays two at a time using both their hands. They spread their legs as wide as possible while wearing skirts that I could not bear to see them with my eyes opened because being the same sex as they are, I felt embarrassed. It was a scene of chaos in a flea market. It is obvious that they are busy since they have been consuming most of their time trying to alienate me by hiding when people were calling and appearing while the airplane was descending. There was not enough time to give out coffee to all the passengers since the airplane was descending, so the big-faced flight attendant only poured coffee from a long kettle to the third person from the back, of each row. Then, when I said to the big-faced flight attendant in Japanese, "Give me coffee.", she just glared at me.

When I looked straight in front as I was eating, the passenger from the fourth seat from the back of the second row was drinking a can of beer. I guess one of the flight attendant decided to serve the passenger. The airplane was descending more and more. As it was descending, because I was the only person eating at this time, the passengers near me were staring at me. Other people would have rushed their meal or would have done something to avoid being in that situation. Even though I was boiling inside, I calmly ate my meal without being concerned of the others. If the big-faced flight attendant was smart enough, she should have been scared of me when she saw me eating without uttering a single complaint.

However, she did not stop here. When I was eating, something suddenly dropped on my table and I could see coffee was spilt from the cup. I was shocked that when I looked in front of me, there was a clear plastic cup with only one-fourth of coffee filled. Not a single flight attendant could be seen but a cup of coffee. It had been such a long time since I ordered the coffee that I completely forgot about it. When I looked in the cup, there was saliva-like thing floating in the coffee. Since the airplane was shaking seriously due to turbulence, I drank it in one gulp so that I could get rid of it. As soon as I put down my cup, it disappeared in a second. The cup was quickly taken away and the flight attendant was nowhere to be seen.

Were the JAL flight attendant infuriated because I persistently ate my meal and drank my coffee while the airplane was shaking? Was the big-faced flight attendant standing behind me the whole time while the airplane was shaking? The tray was taken away as soon as it was emptied without any flight attendants to be seen. Were they waiting beside the whole time while the airplane had turbulence? Up to now, I have tried various kinds of airline meals, but even though it is summer, I have never tasted such solid and cold rice.

It is positive that JAL flight attendants gave me the left over rice from yesterday and preserved it in the refrigerator or the left overs from their own meals. How can those women who intentionally and deliberately estranges passengers not be able to commit these conducts? Later at home, I tried several times pouring watery coffee into a plastic cup and stirring it but no saliva-like thing was floating in it. Is it not that the big-faced flight attendant wanted to spit in my coffee that she gave it to me in a cup while the airplane was shaking!

They are capable of committing those actions.

JAL flight attendants take pleasure in alienating and being rude to the Korean passengers by serving meals, coffee, and beer at their convenience when the airplane is descending. Why do they have announcements requesting everything should be in their original state and passengers should wear their seat belts? After finishing my meal, the airplane was on the runway of Kimpo International Airport in Korea. At that moment, a flight attendant came out from the back of the kitchen, walked to the front of aisle B, turned around at the front exit and walked to aisle A while looking at the other flight attendants.

What was the flight attendant doing standing around while the airplane was still moving? Was she using this last bit of time to revenge on me! When she came in front of me, I asked, "May I have a customs declaration card?" Then, with both arms crossed, she glared at me and said impolitely in Japanese, "Ei go de!" I pretended not to understand and repeated myself. She kept on saying in Japanese, "Ei go de," very rudely, standing as she was.
("Ei go de" means "in English")
At that moment, a passenger sitting at the first row, third from the back, who was watching this scene, leaned over and told me, "The customs declaration card is in the pocket in front of you. It is in there, while pointing his finger at it. She then glowered at me and the Korean passenger and stormed to the back. Only JAL Air Lines would have people who are no better than animals working as a flight attendant.

When I was getting off the airplane, the big-faced flight attendant was standing near the exit very rigidly with an expression of a soldier standing on sentry. She did not even say a single word of apology nor a simple "goodbye". I guess alienating me as much as she wanted to just was not enough.

Why do all the JAL flight attendants act that way? I have travelled to many places in various air lines; however, I feel that there are no air lines in the world that can compare to the flight attendants of Korean Air Lines and Asiana Air Lines. Some of the rudeness and depraved attitude shown by the JAL flight attendants are for instance, gossipping with each other in groups in the narrow aisle, stomping across the airplane with their stout body that the floor shakes, the stupid and cunning expression they give to the passengers, bringing and taking the things needed by the passengers in a tumultuous manner, alienating which is defiling and slaughtering the passengers characters and etc. I have never seen a flight attendant who is not refined, is despicable, and inhumane except for the JAL flight attendants.

Take a look at the selection process of flight attendants in Korean Air Lines and Asiana Air Lines. Please experience how the flight attendants treat the passengers by actually going on board of KAL and Asiana. I have thought about the hiring of these inferior, dirty personality, and low class flight attendants in order to reduce the wages due to the declination of the economy. Home training, school education, and airline training are all very important. Selecting someone who has not received the appropriate home training and school education for 20 to 24 years, and expecting these inveterate habits to disappear after a few hours of training in the airlines is just preposterous.

When Korea received aids from the International Monetary Funds (IMF) during the economic crisis, the standards of the flight attendants of Asiana Air Lines and Korean Air Lines were perpetual.

You should be grateful to me for writing this letter. Is it not better knowing when Japan and your air lines have had a bad reputation than not knowing it? If someone else had experienced all the rudeness I received in the airplane, a fight would have occurred and the big-faced JAL flight attendant would have had no hair left on her head. Right now, if I meet the big-faced flight attendant again, I want to throw the tray and pour the boiling coffee on her face. I speak clearly that this letter must be shown to the big-faced woman, and the reason for the rudeness and a letter of apology must be written by her and sent to me. It will not be beneficial if I do not receive a single letter of apology from the big-faced flight attendant.

Please send it either in Korean or English.

From a letter sent to JAL president from a passenger who was on JAL 961 on June 17,1999

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