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I was on a flight from Osaka, Japan to Seoul by a JAL plane (number 961). When the plane had departed the Kansai airport and gained a stable position on air, the JAL stewardesses pushed carts loaded with packed lunch and gave them out in both aisles, beginning with those sat in front. I, by this time, was waiting for my turn with the white table out. My seat was the third from the back, in the third row (the colored circle in the picture below). The woman in question, the stewardess with a broad face, was in charge of the first, second, and the third row and walked down aisle A; the other was in charge of the fourth to seventh row down aisle B.

When my turn came the broad-faced stewardess calmly passed me by pushing the cart, without giving me my lunch. Then, as there was no news of my lunch I looked around after about a minute and 40 seconds; two passengers in the first row by the cuisine, two in the second, and two in the third row including me had not gotten their lunch. A minute later when I looked again at passenger a who sat at the end of the first row, was opening the lid of his lunchbox. Neither the cart nor the stewardess was to be seen.

After about 50 seconds I looked around again. Passenger b at the end of the third row was beginning to eat. This time, as well, no cart, no stewardess. The broad-faced woman of JAL was enjoying a game of tag, where you act quickly and escape notice while 'It' is not looking.

After about two minutes and 10 seconds, looking back, I saw that everyone was happily eating. Still neither the cart nor the stewardess was in sight. I thought that as I was the only one left, they would soon give me a lunch box, and kept looking ahead. But when no lunch came, I began to sense something strange was going on. Why would they give out lunch boxes to passengers one by one, with minutes in between? Anyway, I realized that the JAL woman with the broad face was not doing a proper job.

1. The two carts were of the same size.
2. The stewardess in charge of aisle B gave lunch to 4 rows and yet wasn't short of lunchboxes, and distributed them to everyone at once.
3. The broad-faced woman in charge of aisle A had distributed to only 3 rows and yet was short of lunch boxes for seven.
4. I think that the woman with the broad face had deliberately taken charge of 3 rows in aisle a, because the passenger next to me in the third seat from the back in the fourth row was Japanese; in order to single me out there must be no obstacles.
5. She was giving out lunch starting with the side hard to see from my position, taking time to supply one by one. There was no apology of any kind in any language.

Thus the broad-faced woman was enjoying to the full the pleasure of professionally alienating me apparently without my knowledge, taking pains and time.

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